Guar Meal

Guar meal – a high-protein feed stuff can be used to partially substitute soybean meal as an ingredient in animal feed ration. Guar meal, originated in India, has been used together with soybean meal and other protein sources for centuries. To achieve a feed compound at competitive market rate, blend of 80/85 pct. soya meal and 15/20 pct. is recommendable.

Guar meal can be delivered as a granulated meal with 62% protein/fat combined and as Guar meal/powder with 40% protein/fat combined. Packing in bulk, in 20 feet dry containers or in 50 kg pp bags. End user of Roasted meal is mostly the fish feed industry.

Find out more at Global Guar Protein homepage or see specification of guar meal products below.

Guar Meal Churi (GGP-40)

Granular Size Roasted Protein Value(DM)
FLOUR Yes 38-42%
Guar Meal Churi is having 38-42% of protein. After obtaining from Split process, it is refined, roasted, sterilized with ultra modern technology at our plant. Guar Meal Churi also has good content contents of Oil & Albuminoids (O&A 5-7%). It contains fiber up to 5%. We have enhanced its palatability and digestibility for cattle & other animals.

Raw Guar Korma (GGP-50)

Granular Size Roasted Protein Value(DM)
During the process of split manufacturing of Guar, germ and husk are obtained. It is used as a valuable cattle feed as Guar Korma is quite rich in protein. Its protein value is 48-50% (DM) with 7% Oil.

Roasted Guar Korma (GGP-60)

Granular Size Roasted Protein Value(DM)
Roasted Guar Korma is our best selling product having protein value up to 58% (DM). It is processed with utmost hygiene to maintain the palatability & digestibility. Sterilization & Roasting are the key factor while processing this product. It is the best product for Poultry industry, Fish, Dairy/Cattle, Pigs etc.

The reason behind its preference and recognition is its urea activity is almost zero and it is 100% plant obtained, organically processed within GMP+ production premises. It is the best alternative for Soya Meal. GGP60+ is a registered & certified product and available at our own specialized manufacturing Unit in North India (Sirsa).

MicroLam Korma (GGP-60+)

Granular Size Roasted Protein Value(DM)
FLOUR YES 58-60%
MicroLam Korma is our finest product and it is available in flour form. MicroLam Korma’s protein value is 60% (DM) which is best in Guar Protein Meal category. Still its 100% plant obtained, organically processed and manufactured within GMP premises. Its packaging and storage conditions are also excellent as it’s the most preferred product of Europe & Middle East. Its digestibility is amazingly enhanced so its results are impressive with laying hens, broilers and cattle/dairy industry.

The results were recorder as under:

  • Min. 18% extra in milk yield in 8 days.
  • Min. 12 % FAT & 5% SNF% extra in 8 days.

It is available in customize packaging and various nutrition range according to the desired results.

Product Portfolio

Product Specifications Guar Meal Churi
Raw Guar Korma
Roasted Guar Korma
MicroLam Korma
Protein Value(DM) 38-42% 48-50% 55-58% 56-60%

Please Note:

  • Quality assured at most competitive price as we are targeting high cost animal feed such as Soya Meal, Synthetic Meals & other medically treated feeds.
  • We will be able to *Customize/Modify products as per of International Demand with precise Roasting, Sterilization, Granulation, Appearance and Nutrition content.

Packaging & Storage:

We offer following packaging options:
50 kg, bigbags, inner liner bag – 22000 kg


Loading takes place in 20 feet dry containers containing:
HDPE 50,00 kg bags abt 21,5 – 22 mto
Big bags abt 22 mto
Inner liner bags abt 22 mto

We can customize packing as per of your requirement.

Typical Analysis For Amino Acid
Lysine 2.56% Methionine 2.96%
Methio + Cystine 1.00% Glycine 5.85%
Arginine 9.96% Glycine 5.85%
Glysine + Serine 2.56% Histidine 3.75%
Isoleucine 26.85% Leucine 2.40%
Phenylalanine 3.47% Valine 2.54%
Aspartic Acid 4.55% Glutamic Acid 9.24%
Praline 13.01% Almandine 1.60%
Tyrosine 6.13% Trytophan 0.52%
Roasted Guar Protein Korma Specifications
(HS CODE : 13023210)
Appearance Granular Form
Moisture 5% ± 1%
Protein (DM) 56% – 58%
Oil 5% ± 1.0%
Fiber 4% ±1%
Ash 2%
Salmonella, Aflatoxin, E.Coli, PCP Not detected
Guar Meal Churi Specifications : (HS CODE : 13023210)
Appearance White Fine Powder/Flour
Moisture 6% ± 2%
Protein (DM) 38% – 40%
Oil 5% ± 2%
Fiber 6% ± 2%
Ash 5% ± 2%
Salmonella, Aflatoxin, E.Coli, PCP Not detected


We can design product and quantity as per customer specification / requirements.


Guar Protein Meal Korma & Guar Protein Meal Churi is compatible with most of the other feed supplement or veterinary product. The products are absolutely fine to be used as feed supplement for various animals, cattle & pets. It is widely welcomed in European and Indian Market. Several studies have found significant decrease in cholesterol levels after administration of guar meal.


The Guar Meal products do not contain any fungicidal preservative. In dry form, they are stable for 24 months provided the standard storage conditions are adhered. Increase in ambient humidity leads to bacterial infection and loss of product quality and nutrition content. Unlikely storage may cause bad palatability and alter the odour of product. Direct contact with moisture should be prohibited.


Our products have extended Shelf Life of 24 Months.